Real eggshell truffle chocolate egg - plain
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Real eggshell truffle chocolate egg - plain


I think these are the most beautiful eggs I have ever seen. I just couldn't believe it when I saw them. Real eggshell, with a splash of bold colour.

I remember when I was little we used to prick two holes in either end of real eggs then blow out the raw egg into a bowl so we had an empty eggshell. The taste wasn't the most pleasant thing and I would almost go blue with blowing. Mum would then put some die into some boiling water and we would submerge our egg. It was always a my goal to achieve an even colour all over the egg. Then once dry we would stick bunny transfers on either side. I never got the intense colour of these truffle eggs. 

Refrigerate for 15 minutes, whack, peel and enjoy. Yes that is what it says on the carton...this solid truffle egg is encased in a real eggshell and is delicious.

Contains hazelnuts, milk and soy. May contain traces of other nuts.

  • assorted colours, selected at random
  • sold individually
  • made with truffle and hazelnut
  • contains traces of nuts
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