Ridley's magic crackers

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Ridley's magic crackers


Abracadabra... bring some magic to your Christmas festivites with these super fun magic trick crackers! You will be the next Houdini in no time.

Each year our cracker selection is much anticipated by our loyal customers, who like us, love Christmas. I buy more and more every year but we still sell out! Crackers to me are a Christmas tradition - every Christmas I put on the cracker hat and really regret it when I see the photos later. No one can say I don't get into the spirit!

  • box of  6
  • each cracker approx. 30cm
  • each cracker contains a hat, snap, motto and 1 gift

Gifts include:

  • a magic cup
  • cut the rope
  • 3 balls return
  • magic cards
  • exploding dice trick
  • wonderful dice trick